Day 1 – YMRWC

Just finish the first day of  Youth Match Racing World Championship.

After the opening ceremony took place yesterday in the streets of the village of Ledro finishing in Piazza Mülleheim where the authorities have welcomed the twelve teams from eleven different nations, only Italy has the right to be present with two crews.

Today has entered the heart of the event.
On time, the Regatta Committee, chaired by Giorgio Battinelli at 10.00 am, began the procedures.
Eleven flights ended, for a total of 44 matches; the Italian Ettore Botticini with Lorenzo Gennari and Simone Busonero is leading  with seven victories and zero defeats, with 6 victories and 1 lose the Americans with Christopher Weis are now second and 3rd on the temporary podium the New Zealand crew of Nick Egnot-Johnson.

Hoping for the wind to assist like today, tomorrow the procedures will start at 10.00.

Results day 1